Troubleshooting Guide


My application has been approved, when can I receive the money?

The requested amount is sent immediately after signing the contract. You will receive the money depending on your bank (in 1-2 days or after the weekend). 


I have not received the money, what should I do?

We send the money to you a couple of seconds after confirming the contract. After that, everything depends on your bank. The money will be disbursed from 8 am to 4 pm the day after the approved day. In case of application approval during the night you will receive the money the following morning. If the approval has occurred during the weekend you will receive the transfer on Monday.


How can I apply?

To apply, visit our website https://moneycat.ph, fill up the information and click the "GET CASH TODAY" button.


I did not receive an OTP Code

If you did not receive an OTP code within 5 minutes, check the mobile number you provided then click "Resend / Received Password Via SMS". If you still do not receive an OTP, kindly contact[email protected].


I sent the wrong bank account number

Account holder name and account number must be the same in the application. Otherwise, the money will not be transferred to the account and application will be automatically rejected.


Late Payment Posting / Already paid the loan but not posted

For payment related concerns like unposted payments you may reach DRAGONPAY support contacts:
Email: [email protected]
Hotline: 0286556820


Bank account requierments

For a secured transaction, we only deposit approved loan proceeds to a bank account number under your name. This account should be active and shouldn't be opened for payroll transfer. We deposit checking account to any of the following partner banks: Banco De Oro Bank of the Philippine Islands Chinabank EastWest Bank MBTC RCBC RCBC myWallet Security Bank UnionBank Land Bank UCPB Asia United Bank BPI Family Savings bank Bank of Commerce Chinabank Savings Chinatrust Bank Development Bank of the Philippines Maybank PBCom Philippine Veterans Bank PSBank Robinson Bank Sterling Bank of Asia


Processing Time for Disbursement

We will send the requested amount immediately after confirmation of the contract. From there, it depends on your bank. Normally, the transfer takes place within a period of up to 2 days. We are working to make the disbursement process faster.

How to get a loan


Where should I live to get a loan?

We provide our services throughout the Philippines. You can apply wherever you are in the Philippines.


Is my application approved?

Information about the application status will be sent to your phone and email indicated during registration. When the application is approved, you will receive an SMS and email.

How to repay


How to repay the loan?

You can repay a loan thru 7/Eleven, LBC, Bayad Center, SM Payment Center. All payment methods you can find out more here.


How to extend your loan term?

To extend your loan term, you must pay 7% from the current loan amount plus the charges. You can find the exact amount in the personal page in this link.


Can I pay my loan earlier than my due date?

Yes, you can. Please click the link for further information.


What if my loan was declined / rejected?

As much as we wanted to approve your application, we’re unable to find a suitable financial package for you at this point in time. Please get in touch with us after 30 days and from there we will be happy to assist you further.