Loan Repayment

ATTENTION! If the payment term falls on the weekend, please pay earlier. In case of late payment, your interest rate will increase!

For your safety, we recommend paying online to reduce contact with the public.

MoneyCat generates the DragonPay Lifetime ID which is sent to you with the payment procedure

To repay the online loans, you can pay online/ Bank Cash Payment/ GCash

  • Visit Account Page;

  • To repay the online loans, you can pay online/ Bank Cash Payment/ GCashEnter the OTP Code sent through SMS and then click the «Log in» button;

  • Select 1 Payment Method & click the «Pay loan» button

    • – Repayment amount for today (Full Repayment);
    • – Amount to renew (For Prolongation/Extension);
    • – Any Amount (For Partial Payment);
  • Select the Payment Option (online banking/ e-wallet, over-the-counter/ ATM banking others);

  • All Dragonpay payment partners are in the list so just choose what is convenient for you;

*Note: Payment method may vary depending on the one you will choose.

*Some payment methods can receive an email from Dragonpay to get the Reference number (Reference number is different from Lifetime ID). You can use either during repayment.

Once we receive your payment, we will send a confirmation email.

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Payment Centers

In support of the Government directives on the Enhanced Community Quarantine, we have listed down our partners and their operating hours below.
Cebuana Lhuillier Robinson's Malls
Western Union Robinson's Bank
Palawan Pawnshop LBC
Villarica Pawnshop PBCom
LandBank  Equicom Bank
Philtrust Maybank