In emergencies, you may need an instant cash loan to cover your immediate financial needs. In line with the development of life, instant cash loan can now be applied right on mobile phones, through online loan applications. Borrowing cash on the app will simplify the registration procedures, ensure credibility and safety in comparison with traditional cash loans. Instant cash loans can be applied on the MoneyCat app - the leading fast approval online loan platform in the Philippines.


Urgent situations that need an instant cash loan

There are many urgent situations where you need to borrow money right away. The two most frequently encountered causes are financial shortages due to pandemics and natural disasters.

The Covid-19 pandemic has left 4.25 million people in the Philippines unemployed by 2021. During this time, restrictions on going out, social distancing have left many families in a difficult or even financial distress. Therefore, personal finance, making money online or instant cash loans become topics that many people search for.

Besides, natural disasters such as storms and floods are also one of the factors causing financial shortages. Every year, Filipinos experience an average of 20 tropical storms, which cause severe flooding and landslides. Facing unexpected pandemics and natural disasters, you need some money to spend and recover your living facilities.


Online loans help you solve urgent situations where you need urgent fund

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In addition, there are some other common reasons for needing an instant cash loan such as an accident or illness of a family member while a financial reserve is not available. At these times a large amount of money is required immediately to pay for the hospital bills and only fast loan channels may assist and help you resolve your situation.


What is getting an instant cash loan through the app?

Instant cash loan is a personal loan that can be approved in the fastest time from just 10 minutes to a few days. With the advantages of simple procedures and fast disbursement time, this special type of loan has become a popular financial solution recently and provided by many leading reputable lending institutions in the Philippines.

Instant cash loan through the app to help you solve your financial needs

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In particular, with the instant cash loan service via the app, you only need to download the application to your phone and immediately apply for a loan. There is no need to move and no need for much equipment or complicated procedures. It only takes a few minutes to complete an instant loan application and be disbursed in less than 24 hours. This has made instant cash loan via app the ideal financial support solution in emergencies.


How to get an instant cash loan via the MoneyCat app

MoneyCat is a fast approval instant cash loan platform trusted by many users. To get a cash loan via MoneyCat app, you just need to follow 4 simple steps as follows:


MoneyCat online loan app 


Fees and interest rates for instant cash loan via MoneyCat

When making an instant cash loan through the app, you need to pay attention to the costs incurred and borrowing interest. MoneyCat is currently a unit with appropriate lending interest rates and costs. It offers 0% interest on the first loan and flexible interest rates, depending on the loan and credit score of the customers.

Pay attention to the costs incurred and borrowing interest 

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When you get an instant cash loan at MoneyCat, you can rest assured because we are always clear and specific about each cost and interest rate, avoiding the risk of high interest rates or usury.

MoneyCat is a 24/7 online financial solutions and consulting platform of a large financial structure operating in Vietnam, the Philippines and Russia. We are a guaranteed and trusted online loan platform in the Philippines.

Above is information on urgent situations that need a cash loan and how to get an instant cash loan on the MoneyCat app. If you have an urgent financial need, come to MoneyCat. We hope to bring you the safest and most effective financial solutions.