Currently, many people face an invisible fear when it comes to online loans. In fact, online loans, if provided from a reputable platform, used for a purpose and paid on time, will solve your financial difficulties. Therefore, to get rid of the fear of online loans, let’s take a look at the four most common misconceptions about online loan philippines that should be corrected.

1. All online loans are scams

Some people consider online loans as scams because this concept is quite new to them, which makes them afraid and suspicious. In fact, many illegal organizations have taken advantage of borrowers’ lack of information and experience to defraud. Fraud organizations impersonate a lender in a very sophisticated way from name, address, logo, etc. The most common form of fraud is forcing borrowers to transfer unreasonable fees or charges or stealing personal information of the borrowers to sell to third parties. This creates more misunderstandings that online loans are a form of fraud.

However, there are also many legitimate online lenders that really want to help you to solve your financial difficulties. Therefore, before involving in transactions with a lender, you should investigate and make sure that you have chosen the right one.

Is online loan a scam?

2. Online loans will expose you to bad debt

In fact, not only online loans but any loan at any institution may cause you to lose your credit score or get bad debt if you fail to pay on schedule. In getting an online loan philippines, it is important that you pay your loan responsibly: paying the right amount, on schedule, paying off the old loan before borrowing a new loan. At that time, your credit score is not only unaffected but also improved.

Do online loans cause bad debt?

For those with good to excellent credit scores and steady income, online loan interest rates in the Philippines are often cheaper than credit cards. So if you need to borrow money for a long term, a personal loan will be a more economical solution.

3. Complicated loan application


One of the most common reasons why Filipinos do not want to get an online loan is that they think the application process is too complicated and time-consuming. This is a false and completely absurd perception. In the midst of strong development of the internet today, you just need to apply for an online loan philippines right on your mobile phone or tablet or laptop at home.

Applying for an online loan is very easy, simple and fast


In some reputable online loan platforms, such as MoneyCat, the whole registration process is completely shortened, the registration procedure is simple, the approval time is very fast, within only 5 minutes. You can apply for a loan and get instant disbursement on the same day.

4. Cost and interest rate trap is set by the providers

In addition to some illegal online lenders, some other lenders deceive customers with interest rates and all kinds of costs. Consider the cost clause on your loan agreement to make sure you understand your payable fees.

Be careful with the costs incurred when getting an online loan


At MoneyCat, online loan interest rates are open and transparent to our customers. For first-time borrowers, the loan interest rate is 0% without processing fee.

5. MoneyCat’s online loan philippines: transparent, safe, secured loans

Misconceptions about online loan philippines still exist. You should thoroughly investigate online lenders and make sure that you have chosen the reputable and high-quality lender to solve your financial problems.

Check out MoneyCat if you are still in doubt. MoneyCat is a 24/7 online financial solutions and consulting platform of a large financial structure operating in Vietnam, the Philippines and Russia. We are a guaranteed quality and trusted online cash loan platform in the Philippines.

Getting online loan philippines with MoneyCat will bring you the following advantages:

MoneyCat is a trusted personal loan platform in the Philippines


With the advantages of simple, fast, and reputable lending, MoneyCat is a safe and reliable financial solution for getting online cash loans in the Philippines.

Hopefully the above information will help you better understand online loan philippines and get rid of misconceptions. Online loan is an effective financial solution that can easily solve your problems. If you still have questions about online loan philippines, you may consult MoneyCat for advice. We hope that we can help you with the safest and most effective financial solutions.